Welcome to my blog!

Hello to you out there in the wide world of the Internet. My name is AJ Sanchez, and I am a student at Texas State University. Before coming here, I stayed in a dorm at Texas Tech University for a year, and if there’s one thing I missed during that year of living in a closet of a room, it was not being able to cook. I find enjoyment being able to cook meals for myself, and there was simply no real way to do that in a college dorm. That’s why I’m especially glad to be here at Texas State. I now have an apartment with a proper kitchen with which I can document my meals and share them with you.

I hope to reach college students just like myself who may struggle juggling a balanced diet with 15 credit hours a semester among other things. It may be difficult for some to cook something wholesome and delicious when popping over to the local In-N-Out is so much easier. (And I wouldn’t blame you. In-N-Out is life.) But I’m here to show you through my own cooking that with some standby ingredients and some basic flavor profiles, you can get dinner on the table and feel proud knowing you did it.

This blog will work concurrently with my Instagram page, where I will post photos of my cooking among other things in my life. If you want to follow me @aj_s4nch3z, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope to see you back here soon as I dive into one of the first recipes I cooked here. Until then, remember: you need to eat your whole life, might as well eat good. Bye!


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