Recipe #4 – Chik ‘n Gravy over Potatoes

Here you go, sugar.


I’ll admit, this recipe is a little odd. However, it is kinda close to my heart in that weird way. This is Chik ‘n Gravy over Potatoes, a dish I loved back in elementary school. It’s not going to win you ANY culinary awards, but it does bring me some comfort. Hopefully, it will for you too.

This is basically mashed potatoes topped with a diced/ground meat of your choice and mixed vegetables. Not too hard. And it’s made all the easier if you have dry mashed potatoes. First, prepare the dry potatoes according to the package’s instructions. I add a bit more salt and lots of pepper at the end because that’s how I like mine. Set it aside for later.

For vegetables, I’ll use 1/2 cup of diced onion, and 1/2 cup of frozen mixed vegetables. These are cheap in any supermarket and are extremely versatile. For this example, I’ll use leftover pork shoulder that I have, but you can use ground beef, chicken, etc. I just diced up 1/2 cup into fine bits.

Heat up a pan on medium high until hot, then turn it down to medium. Add your onion and cook them until they turn translucent. Season them lightly, then add 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic. Cook that for a few seconds, then add your meat. Since the meat is already cooked, I just have to warm it through. Then add your vegetables and stir them in. They’ll defrost when we make our gravy.

Gravy is easy to make and versatile. Traditionally, you cook flour in butter (a roux), then stir in broth or milk and boil until thickened. Here’s how to make gravy in 5 minutes. For this, we’ll add 1 tbsp of butter straight to the pan. Once melted, drizzle in 1 1/2 teaspoons of flour. Stir it in and cook out the flour for about 30 seconds. Now add in a cup of your favorite broth. I used 1 tsp of consomme mixed with a cup of water, but you can use beef, chicken, etc. Stir it in well and bring the mixture to a boil. Once boiled, turn down the heat a bit and let it cook until thickened and reduced. You can also season this gravy with anything you’d like. For example, my roommate has McCormick Tennessee Whiskey chicken seasoning that I like. Once it’s reduced to a thick sauce, pour the whole mixture into your mashed potatoes and stir it in.

And that’s that. A quick and easy comfort dish that sounds weird on paper, but can taste as good as you’d like. Not too good for the diet, but hey, you’ve gotta eat the rest of your life. Might as well eat well. Catch you later!


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